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The Key to Success is Consistency

The key to success

What is the key to success? I suggest that one important key is consistency. Do you consider yourself a consistent person?  Why or why not? It’s interesting to look at how we see ourselves and to investigate how we use the tools we have at our disposal. I won’t suggest that building consistency is always easy but as you’ll read below there are also things we are consistent at without meaning to be.

Consistency is a goal’s best friend

Have you ever set a goal and tried to get there without being consistent?  It doesn’t really work.  We always look for the easy way or the fast way and yet behind all of that it comes down to being consistent every time. There is nothing consistent about a crash diet and we know they don’t last. Things we do without being consistent in our efforts don’t usually.

The key to success is being consistent in your efforts.  Being consistent with your habits is how we reach most goals.  I used to play the piano when I was younger. Back then I didn’t like being told what to do, of course, so I used to find it infuriating when my teacher would repeatedly tell me to practice EVERY DAY. She would tell me to play the same scales over and over to teach my fingers to do them without thinking. The worst part was that she was right! Consistency in my practice is how I improved. The more I practiced every day and played consistently the better I got. It was how I reached higher and higher levels of performance.


“The quality of always behaving or performing in a similar way, or of always happening in a similar way.”

The key to success in relationships

Consistency is a great tool if you want better relationships. How great would they be if you were consistent in connecting with other people? What if you were also consistently being yourself?  Someone who is consistent can be counted on and trusted. These people make the best friends!  The bonus is that if we are always authentic then it is easy to be consistent – it’s just who you are.  When you try to be someone you think others want to see then you are acting and this can be hard to keep up.

Inconsistency in relationships

Imagine your spouse spent a whole weekend being romantic and brought you flowers, jewelry, took you out to dinner, and told you 50 times how much they loved you. That would be great, right? Although 6 months later when they had since made no expressions of love through words or gifts or anything you might be questioning their feelings. On the other hand, when someone IS consistent we aren’t second-guessing them.

The key to success in weight loss

I have lost a lot of weight. The key to success I learned is to be consistent in what I do. My success came from making very small, very doable changes along the way and staying consistent with them until I was ready for more. I learned that I never had to be perfect. I never had to push myself to do anything I didn’t want to do. All I ever had to do was be consistent and focus on what I love.

I often help clients see what they are being consistent with because it isn’t always obvious.  As a result, we think that we are helping ourselves when we consistently judge things like the food we eat.  In the end, however, when we aren’t nice to ourselves and beat ourselves up, it just feels bad. What if instead we consistently enjoyed the food we ate without judgment? Significant weight loss can happen when we simply stop eating too much food.  

We will always keep getting more of what we are consistent with 

If we are consistently being ourselves, setting goals, and focusing on what we love then we will consistently get what we aim for. However, keep in mind if you are stuck with consistent negative thinking then that is what you will get more of too. I like to challenge my negative thoughts with questions like “Is it true?” or “Is this helpful?”. If you’ve been consistent with negativity then that is what your brain will continue to offer you. Rather than wishing you could change it, you can challenge it instead. Wishing away the results of our consistent behavior won’t work. By seeing this pattern you get to realize and be aware of what you are being consistent with.

Next steps

Here are my suggestions for some great things to be more consistent with:

  • Getting in touch with who you are and what you like to do
  • Finding more joy in your life
  • Loving yourself more
  • Self care habits
  • Connecting with friends
  • Telling people you love them
  • Putting yourself first

No matter what you are trying to achieve there is one sure way to get there.  Consistency.  I am available for 1:1 coaching if you want a partner to help you realign what you are being consistent with. If this would help you then let’s talk. Book a discovery call to find out how I can help.

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