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What is a Life Coach?

Life Coach Sets Impossible Goal

Is a life coach just a paid best friend? I had someone ask me this once…

The short answer is NO.  As a life coach, I am highly trained, with extensive experience and proven results. 

But also, YES

It’s a lot like talking to your best friend every week, except she has all the answers and zero judgment.  It’s like having your own personal champion who sees all your blind spots.  Someone who has your best interest at heart even when that is hard, scary, or uncomfortable.  Someone to lean on.

When we go through periods of growth, there is nothing more valuable than going through it with someone who is always on your side, brings wisdom along with perspective, and can help you even when your mind is all over the place like mine can be sometimes. 

A life coach is someone who will come from love and has a strong belief in you and for who you want to become.  A person who understands your self-doubt and can challenge it for you. 

What is a life coaching session?

A coaching session is a weekly appointment where you get to focus on believing in and making decisions for, the person you want to be and for the life you are going to create.  Every week you get to focus two peoples’ minds on what you want out of life.  How valuable is creating the result you want in your life? 

Connect with me now to make that time for yourself.

Having a coach means hearing truths you weren’t able to see yourself.  You might hear that you are wrong, but trust me, this is the best thing ever.  If you are wrong, then you have room to grow, room to evolve, and a possibility for new results.  If you were right about a shitty situation then there would be no solution or change because you were right.  A coach challenges you to be wrong or see things from a different perspective.  One little shift in the way you see things can change everything.  When you have a private coach, you make those shifts every week.  These shifts compound over time so that you will have created a new way of being that will feel so natural and easy. You will build a strong foundation with your coach that will allow you to accomplish so much more than you thought possible.

Are you too busy?

Sometimes we think we are just too busy to work with a coach.  We don’t have time to make changes in our lives.  We talk about being busy like it’s a badge of honour, an accomplishment in itself that we don’t have the time.  But what is the cost of not taking care of ourselves?  Over time where is this actually getting us?  Busy creates so much anxiety in our lives.  And that anxiety filters down into all aspects of our lives, into our relationships as well as taking a toll on us mentally and physically. 

What if your badge of honour was to NOT be busy?  That is something that I am very proud of.  I have time to spend with family and friends and to take care of myself too.  All it took was a slight shift in my perspective and my thinking, and my coach helped me see this.

What is a life coach able to do?

Often we don’t even know what needs changing, we just know things aren’t right.  A coach can help you make adjustments to things that you didn’t even know were the issue, they see what you don’t.  They also show up as an example for you of what is possible and then you get to decide if you want that possibility for yourself. How do you want to show up in your life? 

A coach can introduce you to the idea of nothing being impossible, and that shift in your mindset will change every decision you will ever make again in your life.  Can you imagine doing what you thought was impossible before?

Do the impossible with a coach…

We don’t all have dreams of climbing Mount Everest, but if you did a life coach could help!

A life coach helps you to keep going and to see the positive direction you are headed.  They help you see the successes that you are having when your own mind blocks them out as insignificant.  A coach will be there to inspire you to keep taking action and keep moving towards your goals when you might otherwise get discouraged. 

Can you imagine the life YOU could have if you had a coach by your side for a month, 6 months, or even a year?  The reason I do this and believe in this so strongly is that I have seen this firsthand, I have lived this transformation and now I am here to believe that you can too.

A life coach believes…

I believe in my clients, their dreams and am there to believe in their goals even when they don’t.

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