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Laughter is Self-Care

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Self-Care Day 5

I love to laugh.  I am notorious for my uncontrollable laughter amongst my family with a record of more than 11 minutes straight of laughing.  Literally, I have woken myself up laughing, which is a GREAT way to wake up unless it’s the middle of the night and no one else is awake.  So lucky for me, if laughter is self-care, then I care often for myself!

A coach’s advice on sharing laughter…

A coach once told me to post of photo of myself laughing on my Instagram and so now I can say that I have.  The reason she suggests this is that it’s a great way to spread happiness.  Kind of like looking at puppies, it’s really hard not to smile when we see someone laughing. When we laugh we feel happy, so finding something to laugh about is a great way to self-care.  Laughing creates feel-good chemicals in our bodies. We can’t help but feel good when we are doing it and for a while after as well.  You can read about all the other health benefits of laughter in the link below if you would like.

The Surprising Health Benefits of Laughter | Reader’s Digest Canada (

Laughter is self-care at its finest. It’s free, it’s easy and it feels amazing.

laughter is the best medicine
Often my loving family members take photos while I’m laughing…..

Laughter is Self-Care… and YOGA?

Have you ever heard of laughter yoga? My daughter is actually looking at being certified as an instructor in it. I had never heard of it until she told me about it but I am now adding it to my list of new things to try. Laughter yoga involves purposeful laughter and movement put together. Almost a fake it until you make it kind of thing where you force the laughter and eventually genuine smiles and laughter will follow. What an interesting concept!

If you missed the start of my self-care week you can find the original blog post here. Also, don’t forget to read the first 4 days as well 🙂

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